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Parenting Plan
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A parenting plan is the plan for how you and the other parent will continue to care for and raise your child after you separate. A parenting plan is a useful tool for preventing conflict. Your plan can be informal and flexible where both parents address issues as they arise, or you can write out your plan in detail as part of your separation agreement or court order. Creating a parenting plan can help reduce conflict, promote stability and clarify uncertainty. Family mediation can be helpful in making a parenting plan. The process of creating the plan will naturally lead both parents to consider different scenarios and how they will respond to them in advance, which can reduce future tension and ensure the best interests of their children are protected. Parents work together to develop the plan which helps them develop communication and negotiation skills. A well-designed parenting plan is essential for effective co-parenting. 


Parenting plans can include discussions about: 

  • Living arrangements and parenting schedules
  • Vacation, holidays and special days
  • Health Care
  • Children’s with Special Needs
  • Education
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Grandparents and extended family
  • Travel
  • Communication between parents
  • Making changes to the parenting plan
  • Solving problems
  • Child support
  • Other parenting issues

Anthony is trained to help parents discuss their issues and would be happy to assist you and offer his expertise in drafting a Parenting Plan. Anthony will provide you with a draft parenting plan outlining your agreed upon decisions. You can review the plan with a lawyer if you want it to be incorporated into a separation agreement. 

For further information: 

Call: 647-880-8033